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Schnauzer dog owner uses SecuExpress 2 to remote watch her beloved dog’s condition

Jenny Chiang has had a Schnauzer dog called Doz for 12 years. For a dog at 13 years old, Doz is considered as a very old dog.  Doz’s health and energy level is getting lower these days due to aging.  Jenny says “Doz is really important to me and is a part of my family member.  She is always there for me, regardless I am in down or up time.”  When Jenny is not at home, she often thinks of Doz.  With SecuExpress, she is much comfortable because she can remote watch Doz’s condition via SecuExpress 2 Remote for Mobile in her SmartPhone. 

Jenny is happy with SecuExpress that makes her less worried about Doz, especially when Doz is sick.  She said “I can remote watch Doz instantly while I take a break at work or while I go out for other place.  SecuExpress brings my Doz in front of my eyes and comfort me while I am away from Doz.  If there is any special condition, I can be aware of it immediately.  SecuExpress’ functions really ease my mind a lot.”

Jenny continues, “There is also an excellent feature from SecuExpess.  It can record every move of Doz.  It really becomes great assets and memory when I look back after several weeks.”