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SecExpress 2

Capture Card
Stackable PCI-Express capture card
Up to 16 channels of D1 video quality
Up to 480/400 frames per second for NTSC/PAL
Support hardware watchdog function

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Support CCTV camera, IP camera and Webcam
Video resolution in D1, VGA, CIF or QVGA for CCTV cameras
Support mega-pixel of IP cameras
Dynamic deinterlace for retaining best video details
Take a snapshot of video frame with time stamp
Play recent records on the fly
Pan/tilt/zoom camera control for speed dome cameras and IP cameras
Able to display split-screen in full screen mode
Easy to identify abnormal situations from status indicator
Support multiple monitors for live video monitoring, e-map display and record search simultaneously
Support multilevel e-map and hotspots to display other map, switch to a split-screen mode, etc.
Able to adjust video brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and auto-gain control
The number of channels is customizable from 4 to 16
Front panel can be in 1024x768 pixels or full screen size up to 1920x1200 pixels
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Event Detection & Notification
Noise-tolerance motion detection
Adjustable motion sensitivity level and detection area, and able to ignore short motions
Display motion marks for customizing settings easier
Manually trigger events by pressing the Enter key
Count in remote events from remote camera
Able to detect and report camera video lost
Pause detection when leaving monitored area
Event notifications include alarm sound, e-mailing events, uploading event pictures, event to camera preset and taking event snapshots
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Support video/audio recording, event recording, pre-event recording, scheduled recording
Recycle record storage
Adjustable record file length, maximum storage space and minimum disk free space
Adjustable video quality and recording frame rate
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Record Search and Play
Multi-channel lookup by color bars for easy record search
Display up to 16-channel lookup at a time
Provide cue marks to find a specific record instantly
Able to zoom in/out timeline of multi-channel lookup
Able to play event records only
Able to play records in full-screen mode
Able to choose cameras to search their records
Able to adjust video brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and gamma
Able to take a snapshot or resave video file
Front panel can be in 1024x768 or full screen size
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Remote Monitoring
Remote viewing camera video and controlling PTZ camera on PC, PDA and mobile phone
Adjustable frame rate, video quality and video dimension to smooth out remote video transmission
Remote connecting by ID without keeping track of dynamic IP address
Able to play video record remotely
Able to change camera settings remotely
Able to display split-screen in full screen mode
Support UPnP port forwarding
Record Database Management
Back-up record database manually or daily
Able to search back-up record database directly
Able to rebuild record database from current record files

Handy Functions
Support batch command for all channels
Maintain a log file detailing different types of actions
Able to restart computer and auto-login Windows
Able to start SecuRanger when Windows starts
Able to display current CPU usage rate