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SecExpress 2
Features - Standard Version


SecuExpress Watcher is the main program runs at the computer equipped with a camera device.

Key Features
Display camera live video.
Compress and record video/audio data to file.
Apply motion detection to detect intrusion events.
Compress and send video stream to remote PCs.
Support storage recycling, keeps the last up-to-date video recordings.
Support a set of event notifications that report abnormal situations promptly.


SecuExpress Player displays tree view list of history records to easy navigating and playing video recordings.

Key Features
Provide the tree view list of records to find interested video clips easily.
Complete playback functions.
Take a snapshot of video frame with time code to be evidence.
Zoom-in/out video frame.
Support the backing up of video recordings.
Rebuild record database from record files.

Remote - PC

SecuExpress Remote runs on desktops and laptops. Remote allows users to watch remote camera video, record remote camera video and search video recordings.

Key Features
Display remote camera video.
Take a snapshot of remote camera video.
Able to memorize connection information.
Support the adjustment of video quality, video size and frame rate to get smother video streaming.
Able to display event video only to save Internet bandwidth.