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SecExpress 2

Camera Devices Supported

CCTV camera (with video grabber)
PTZ speed dome camera (with video grabber)
Support 4 video channels

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Display video in 4 split screens / single camera view / full screen view / looping cameras sequentially
Show/hide live video, turn on/off live sound
Control the viewing angle and focus of PTZ speed dome camera on PTZ control panel or on video screen
Take a snapshot of video frame with time stamp
Display current status of video source, audio source , event detection and video recording
Display camera name and current date/time information
Allow password protection for operation
Pause detection for temporarily turning the motion detection function off

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Remote Monitoring
Include a build-in web server for displaying live video on Internet browser
Allow remote viewing video on Remote programs at other PCs, PDAs and mobile phones
Adjustable frame rate, video quality and video dimension for smoothing remote video transmission
Remotely control PTZ speed dome camera for pan/tilt movement and zooming
Allow remote connection by ID for automatically tracking dynamic IP change
Automatically display connection information for remote viewing, including computer IP address, router IP address and LAN/WAN type
Capable to display event video only for saving Internet bandwidth usage
Auto configuring port forwarding on UPnP router for SecuRanger running in LAN (Local Area network)
Include password protection for camera remote viewing permission for privacy
Memorize connection information for speedy connecting
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Event Detection and Notification
Motion detection for detecting intrusion events
Adjustable motion sensitivity level and able to ignore short motion
Capable to manually trigger events by pressing the Enter key
Event notification by alarm sound, e-mailing events, uploading event pictures, executing other program and show-up video screen
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Support Video/audio recording, event recording and scheduled recording
Specify record file length, maximum record storage space and minimum disk free space
Recycle record storage
Remote recording on PC by non-stop or events only
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Record Search and Playback
Include complete playback functions
Display records in tree-list view for fast locating a specific video clip
Different icons for distinction between normal records and event records
Save video frames with time stamp
Capable to search and play records of a backed-up record database
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Record Database Management
Back up records to another storage or folder
Remove a record, a day of records, or all records
Able to rebuild record database

Handy Operational Functions
Include a complete log file for operations, events and remote connections
Able to restart computer at a certain time
Able to start SecuRanger when starting Windows
Notify IP change by e-mail